Ektron Tek Co., Ltd. is a professional rubber tester equipment manufacturer, and our popular products including rheometers, vibration simulation machines, ozone test chambers etc.. We mainly provide rheometers products such as dynamic processing rheometers, moving die rheometers, oscillating disc rheometers, tensile testers and mooney viscosity machines.

Rubber Testing Equipment

Auto-feeding Moving Die Rheo...


  • Analyze cure curve and cure property
  • Improved closed die cavity structure
  • Quick temperature heat-up and stabilization

Moving Die Rheometer


  • Analyze cure curve and cure property
  • Improved closed die cavity structure
  • Quick temperature heat-up and stabilization

Moving Die (Foam Pressure) R...


  • Analyze cure curve and cure property
  • Analyze foam pressure curve and foam property
  • Improved closed die cavity structure

Dynamic Processing Rheometer


  • Quick Temperature Heat-Up and stabilization
  • Greater sensitivity and precision torque measuring system
  • Multiple Test Functions

Oscillating Disc Rheometer


  • Analyze cure curve and cure property
  • Simplified operation system
  • Statistical process control software

Tensile Tester


  • Tensile test
  • Compression test
  • Other test for belt, seal, wire, yarn, etc.

Standard Laboratory Mill


  • EKT-1000SLM Standard Laboratory Mill is a computerized two rollers mixer which is completely comply with the requirements of all international standards such as ASTM, ISO, RRIM, GB…etc. With some patents in system control, measurement, and software functions, it can provide perfect performance in mixing operation and also other benefits in rubber quality evaluations.

Mooney Viscometer


  • Moony viscosity test
  • Scorch test
  • Stress relaxation test and analysis

Plunger Tester

PL-2000 Series

  • Computerize automatic control
  • Measure plunger energy, Bead unseating force, Tread foot print pressure distribution, Lateral elasticity, Radial elasticity…etc.
  • Overload protection device

Mixing Grader


  • High sensitivity binocular microscope, camera and video capture interface card
  • Patent specimen cutter
  • Measure carbon black agglomerates particle diameter, average particle diameter, amount of particle, etc.

Vibration Simulator

VS-2001 Series

  • Servo-hydraulic test system
  • Frequency range 0-300Hz
  • Measure the damping coefficient, elastic coefficient (Kd Ks), viscous coefficient and modules, etc.



  • Heat built-up test(measure heat built-up and strain), blow out test
  • Temperature chamber
  • tanδ analysis (option)

Automatic Ozone Test Chamber

EKT-2001OZ Series

  • Ozone generated by Ultraviolet rays
  • Customer-specific solutions (e.g. Tire, hose, belt, etc.)
  • Providing selective static and dynamic testing mode

Fatigue Failure Tester


  • Computerized & automatic control
  • Record the extension cycling fatigue life
  • Low noise

Fatigue Testing Equipment, D...


  • Test for rubber deterioration crack growth
  • Test 20 samples at the same time
  • High and low temperature chamber (Selectable)

Low Temperature Retraction T...


  • Measure the retraction ratio of different temperature automatically
  • Test 6 piece samples at the same time
  • By means of built-in circulating pump to ensure temperature uniformity

Gas Permeability Tester


  • Measure rubber film gas permeability.
  • Draw pressure and corresponding time curve
  • Temperature control system ensure the constant temperature.

Temperature & Humidity Teste...